For Sale: Fanatic Lite Viper & Mistral Bermuda Windsurfers

I’m selling two windsurfers for my mom that my dad and I used when I was growing up. They haven’t been used in probably close to 10 years, but both are in good shape with no cracks or dents in the boards. They also come with all accessories and sails so all you need to do is put them together and hop in the water for some fun!

Fanatic Lite Viper – $300.00 SOLD!

This was my dad’s board. I’ve used it a few times and was a ton of fun. It’s really light and easy to carry and move around. He originally bought it from my Uncle in the early nineties for between $500 and $700. We have all of the accessories for it including mast, boom, keel, 4 foot straps (adjustable) and a set of two sails.

The smaller sail is for heavy wind and the larger one for light wind (use the smaller to go faster!). The specs on the sails are:

  • Gaastra Sails Racefoil 7.2. Luff: 480cm (15′ 9″) Boom: 230cm (7′ 6″)
  • Neilpryde Raf Dynamic 6.1. Luff: 4.90m (16′ 1″) Boom: 2.00m (6′ 7″)

We’ll also toss in the harness for hooking yourself into the boom.

Take a look at some images of the Fanatic Lite Viper!

Fanatic Lite Viper
Fanatic Lite Viper

Fanatic Lite Viper
Fanatic Lite Viper

Mistral Bermuda – $200.00

This board originally belonged to my grandparents. I think my uncle primarily used it and us kids learned to windsurf on it as well. Its a longer board than the Viper and thus, a bit heavier. It has all of its accessories including keel, mast, and boom. It also has a lighter boom and mast that you can use for teaching smaller children how to windsurf, since its much lighter and easier to get out of the water. Unfortunately, we don’t have the sail that goes with the smaller boom and mast. I also don’t have any Luff and Boom specs on the sail.

Check out some pictures of the Mistral Bermuda below!

Mistral Bermuda
Mistral Bermuda
Mistral Bermuda

Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one or both windsurfers. We’re asking $450 for both setups or $300 for the Fanatic Lite Viper and $200 for the Mistral Bermuda. Like I said, both are really good boards and you could definitely use this as a stepping stone to get into windsurfing without spending thousands of dollars on the equipment to get started. They are available for pickup in Charlestown, RI (shipping would be way to expensive). If you need more pictures, just let me know and I’ll be happy to get them for you! And of course, we’ll take any reasonable offer.

4 thoughts on “For Sale: Fanatic Lite Viper & Mistral Bermuda Windsurfers

  1. colin

    wonder could you help
    ive got a bermuda – but i need a centre board for it … i cant find details of dimensions – could you send me a picture with possible dimension ?

    appreciate it

    Colin England UK.

  2. bill Post author

    Hey Colin – We don’t have the board anymore so I can’t take a picture of anything for you. Sorry man – good luck!

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