Spring Cleaning Sale

Here’s a bunch of stuff we have for sale on craigslist and ebay. We’re cleaning out my mom’s house and trying to get clear stuff out that we have just been storing for years and don’t use anymore.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner

A lightly used Frigidaire 8,000 BTU window air conditioner. Comes with remote, documentation, and original box. Used for about 3-4 months last summer.

Atari 2600 w/25 Games

I have an old Atari 2600 with 25 games for sale. Wasn’t working last I hooked it up, but may be fixable.

Twilight Low Voltage Lighting Kit

I have a low voltage lighting kit with 6 lamps and transformer/powerpack. You can use this to light up things inside or outside using different colored lamps.

Craftsman Shop Vac

Craftsman 16 gallong dry/web shop vac.

Series 10 Electric Guitar SOLD!

Series 10 Blue Electric Guitar. Vintage 1994!

Maxi-Heat Ceramic Electric Space Heaters SOLD!

Two Maxi-Heat Ceramic space heaters!

Windows 95 Install Floppies SOLD!

For all you vintage computer users, here’s a copy of Windows 95 w/Internet Explorer 3.0 installation floppy disks.

Frigidaire Professional Series OTR Microwave

I have a used Frigidaire over the range microwave. It doesn’t turn on, but I was told that it could just be a bad fuse and easily fixable by someone who knows how to do it.

Lange XR9 Men’s Ski Boot SOLD!

My brother’s Lange XR9 ski boot from when he was growing up. I have these same boots (yeah, mine are bigger) and love them. You will too.

Vintage Lange Men’s Ski Boots SOLD!

These are my dad’s Lange Ski Boots that he originally purchased in the 70’s and used up until about 1995. Not for use anymore, but maybe for a collection or to decorate a ski lodge.

Brother Fax-560 Fax Machine SOLD!

A Brother Fax-560 Fax machine. Pretty self explanatory.

Sears Craftsman 12″ Wood Lathe

My dad’s wood lathe from Sears Craftsman. Hardly used. Has been sitting in our basement for years.

Antique Baby Scale

Owned by my grandmother, given to my parents several years ago.

Tasco Telescope SOLD!

This was my brother’s growing up, he no longer uses it or wants it.

Badger Air Brush Painting System SOLD!

Quality air brush system by Badger. Comes with air brush, spray booth, ventilation fan, compressor, paint, manuals, and air brush book by Peter West.

Weller Soldering Iron SOLD!

Weller Soldering iron. Comes in plastic carrying case with accessories. Looks hardly used!

O’Brien Competition Mach 1 66″ Wood Water Ski

I don’t know much about this, other than it belonged to my father. He got it when he was a teenager I believe and he actually refinished it back in the 80’s.

Fiberglass Boat Steps SOLD!

Fiberglass boat steps with non-skid tread. Good for getting into that 120 foot yacht you just bought!

Flojet Water Pump

Was a part for the commercial fishing vessel my parents used to own as part of their business. Brand new, never used!

Oak Medicine Cabinet

A nice oak medicine cabinet that came out of one of the bathroom’s at my parent’s house.

Great Railroad Empire Model Train Set

A cool model train set! 30 pieces!

The Great American Express Railroad Company Model Train Set SOLD!

Another cool model train set! Twenty feet of track!

Motorola V2282 Cell Phone Package

A never used Motorola V2282 GSM cell phone. Comes with protective case, hands free device, and original manuals. Plug in your SIM card and go!

Stereo Equipment SOLD!

Selling a pair of Wharfdale W70D floor speakers, a Kenwood Dolby Cassette Deck, and a Elac Miracord 50H Turntable. Vintage stereo equipment from when my parents first got married in the 70’s.

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