Helicion Tech ISAPI 3 Rewrite Problem with ASP.NET 4.0, IIS6 & Extensionless URLs

For years we have used Helicon Tech’s ISAPI Rewrite plugin for IIS to generate pretty URLs for our ASP.NET sites. ¬†A few months back I was in the process of migrating our ASP.NET web applications to the 4.0 Framework and I ran into an issue with ISAPI Rewrite and our site’s URLs. ¬†Basically, it turned[…]

Create an XML Sitemap on Heroku via Amazon S3

I’ve started hosting a few simple Rails applications on Heroku and so far, I’m really pleased with their hosting service. This post isn’t as much about Heroku as it is how to serve an XML sitemap for your application. Heroku apps don’t give you file system access from within your application, so you’re forced to[…]

Thinking Sphinx – Indexing Models Defined in a Rails Engine

I’m back in the Ruby on Rails game after a long hiatus and my, things have changed a lot. And they’ve changed for the better. The application I’m working on, like many other web applications, requires an internal search feature. Sphinx was very reliable for me in the past, however, it seems that ultrasphinx and[…]

SqlCacheDependency and Query Notifications

There’s a lot of scattered information out there on how to configure ASP.NET applications to leverage Microsoft SQL Server’s Query Notification and Service Broker services for caching in ASP.NET applications. The two best step by step tutorials I’ve found online are: http://www.simple-talk.com/sql/t-sql-programming/using-and-monitoring-sql-2005-query-notification/ http://dimarzionist.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/how-to-make-sql-server-notifications-work/ Both of those articles should get you started for sure. I ran[…]