McAfee Secure Can Help Increase Your E-Commerce Conversions

For a while now we’ve been looking for ways to increase our online sales on all of our sites. We’ve done a little bit of everything from simple user testing, split testing, to small re-designs to see what will help increase conversions. We used to use Scan Alert years ago, but didn’t think it was helping with our online sales at all. Recently, I received several calls from McAfee Secure, who had recently purchased the Scan Alert technology. I had been ignoring them, but reconsidered. The reason was that I wanted to see if they could really help us.

They were able to help us out with some pretty decent pricing as well as set us up with an A/B split test so that we could see how their secure badge would help us. Turns out it has. So far, we’ve seen approximately a 12% to 15% increase in conversions when a customer sees the badge opposed to when they don’t. This translates to real money for us, especially when you consider what the service will actually cost us over the course of a year. What’s even better, is that we can use the service on all of our sites for the same price. All you have to do is keep the number of times the badge appears to a minimum. This can easily be done by anyone that is familiar with setting up their web site.

An additional benefit we get from the McAfee Secure integration is that customers who have McAfee SiteAdvisor installed will see the McAfee Secure badge next to search results when searching on Google.

This is huge for us as right off the bat the customer knows that our site is secure for visiting, shopping, and purchasing. We’re definitely excited to use this technology and integration to our advantage.

McAfee is known for selling a great product and I think that they definitely have a leg up in this industry. Check out their other products VirusScan, Anti-Theft File Protection, and McAfee Internet Security. I’m sure you’ll be happy with all of the products that McAfee has to offer you.

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