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As you may have read in the About section, I’m currently a Senior Ruby on Rails developer at Enservio, based in Needham, MA. Previously, I was Director of Admissions at Launch Academy, and before that a Senior Web Applications developer for MarketClique eCommerce LLC working on and Import Costumes. I used to work on, but that site is no longer active. I’ll also use this section to list the various other projects I’m currently involved with.

Active Projects

The following are projects that I am currently involved with:

Foxy Lingerie

I’m working on a new project, called Foxy Lingerie based on a new Ruby on Rails eCommerce platform I’m building. The idea came about by wanting to finish what I had started with a previous lingerie project a few years back and become a better Ruby on Rails developer. The site was initially started and launched in January 2012 but is finally up and running. Its been a great experience not only upping my RoR developer skills but starting a new business and working through all of the challenges that come up. Check out the site for a great selection of sexy lingerie and Halloween costumes – we offer free shipping too!

Previous Work

Fright Catalog is an e-commerce website selling Halloween Costumes & Decorations developed in-house on the ASP.NET platform, written in C#. This platform originally was written by Kyle, Dan, and Joe during the first half of 2005, with me coming on in October of 2005 to help out. Since then, the platform has matured greatly and is now a highly stable e-commerce platform. Not only do we use this platform for managing our e-commerce site, but also managing customer information, inventory, and orders. I’ve built this platform to allow us to customize nearly any aspect of a page on the site, which is key for our success.

Import Costumes

Import Costumes is built using the same e-commerce platform as

Party Supplies Mall is built using the same e-commerce platform which was developed for and

Dress By Design

Dress By Design is a brilliant idea that allows you to custom design your own dress and have it made for you. The site itself was developed on the ASP.NET platform, written in C#. Joe originally developed this site and I took it over in October of 2006.

Here is a list of projects I have worked on in the past. Some are still up and running and some aren’t.

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