Selling Stuff With a Blog and Google

About 2 years ago, my mom started cleaning out her house of stuff that she no longer needed to keep around. It meant a lot of work tossing plain old junk we didn’t need and selling stuff that we could get some money for. That meant some posting of items on eBay and Craigslist. It was also around the time I started blogging more and I decided that I would dedicate a page to some of the items we were trying to sell on Craigslist. This also included two windsurfers that hadn’t been used in probably a decade.

We were able to sell a majority of our stuff on Craigslist and having stuff linked to my blog from the various CL posts helped to move more stuff. However, the windsurfers failed to sell. Until recently. I received an email from a gentleman that lives in NY who was interested in the Fanatic Lite Viper we were selling. I’d get anywhere from 10-25 visits a month related to that particular windsurfer and I think this guy was one of them. A long story short, he ended up making the trip to NY to my mom’s house in RI to buy the board and all of the sails and accessories we were offering with it. Even better, he asked the price we wanted and it went to a home where it’d finally see some use again.

Even though it took 2 years to sell the board, it just shows that if you put some information out on the web, you can reach the people you need to reach eventually. And hey, even help some some unused stuff you have lying around too!

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