Yahoo Shutting Down

Per this link that I read via digg, it appears so. I’ve used for years ever since Kyle turned me on to it. I don’t bookmark as many sites or pages as I should, but its always nice to know that something I’ve looked up in the past might be saved off on my account for retrieval. For instance, that’s my go to place to find a page I book marked to remind me how to backup/restore MySQL databases. Its not a thing I do every day or even every few months. Maybe once a year.

There are some alternatives out there like:

For a complete list of alternatives, you can check out this site. Some are better than others. Some are paid solutions, some are not. I will miss though. Sorry to see it go.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Shutting Down

  1. Chad Walls - SEO Calgary

    This is interesting to know. I recently attended a paid social media marketing seminar in October and they really advocated using I am glad I didn’t spend too much time becoming familiar with it as for a novice being introduced to social media marketing there is so much to learn. Thanks for the update!

  2. Bill

    I read the other day that Yahoo allegedly sold to another company. So hope still remains that it will stay active for those of us that do use it.

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