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Email Unsubscribe Forms – What Not to Do

Just like everyone else, I get a lot of junk mail. Some of it I’ve signed up for years ago and some just shows up. I received an email from some company called ATLANTIC-ACM this morning. No idea who these guys are, so I went to unsubscribe from their list. I use Chrome and Firefox 4 most of the time and I saw this when I clicked their unsubscribe link from Chrome:

This is basically what it says:

Unsupported Browser (Safari AppleWebKit 534.16 WinNT)
This product requires Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later, or Firefox 1.5 or later

Really?!?!? In this day in age you’re forcing someone to use a specific web browser? Especially for something as simple as an email unsubscribe form. This is just rediculous. If you’ve built something like this into your site, you should know better.

Camino Browser Redux

Back in August I wrote about how I had switched to the Camino Browser for my every day browsing needs (I still use Mozilla Firefox for development because of the plugin architecture so I can use the Web Developer Plugin and Firebug).


For the most part, the experience is still an excellent one (i.e. I haven’t switched to something else yet). They seem to update it on a fairly regular basis and its performance still seems to be the best of all the available browsers on the Mac. That said, it still has some annoyances.

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Camino Web Browser

A while back I finally had it with Google apps in Firefox on my Windows box at work, so I switched to viewing my Gmail and other Google applications on my MacBook with Firefox.  It didn’t take long to get fed up with the speed of Firefox even on my MacBook.  So I decided to give Camino a try.  It’s powered by the Mozilla engine, but its only made for the Mac.  The first thing I noticed was how fast it loaded and how fast it loaded the web pages that I visited the most.  The one thing that’s been tough is some of the keyboard shortcuts that are different between Firefox and Camino.  But all in all, its been a great experience and I honestly don’t see myself going back to Firefox unless I’m doing development.

Gmail slow in Firefox?

Recently, on my Windows machine at work, I’ve noticed Gmail being super slow. I hadn’t noticed this on my MacBook using Firefox or Safari. I had found a post here about this very issue and another one here about speeding Firefox up, but there were no real solutions. I’m wondering if Gmail has changed something recently or if there’s an issue with Firefox? I know I’m very tempted to just use my MacBook now for email since its not such a slug. If anyone has ideas behind this or even solutions, I know I’d like to here about them!