Dear ESPN: You’re Annoying Me Again

As if the auto-playing video on wasn’t bad enough, they’re going crazy with their ads now. I just went to go check the MLB scores and before I can get to the page, this big hover window with an ad for Madden ’10 comes up. Ok, not that big a deal. There’s a button with an X on it to skip the ad. I click it. I click it again. I click it a third time. Nothing. So I’m forced to watch this damn ad for a video game that I have no interest in. If that wasn’t bad enough, another ad pops up over the next article I go to read. Now, I understand that they need to make money. No problem. But if you’re going to allow people to skip ads, make sure it works. Some of us just want to use your site and enjoy the content without being harassed all the time.

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