Google AdWords Now Has Device Platform Setting

I just set up a couple of new campaigns in Google AdWords this afternoon and, for the first time, noticed that you can now select a device platform for your ad campaigns. The choices are desktop or laptop computers, or mobile devices that support a full web browser. These mobile devices are devices like Apple’s iPhone. Click the screen shot below to see these settings:

This is definitely interesting because there are surely some instances where you’d want to restrict your ads from showing up on a mobile device. I’m considering turning it off for our campaigns because we run an e-commerce site and its really unclear at this point if people are really into shopping online using their mobile devices. I have no doubt that this will become widespread behavior in the future, but with mobile devices with full browser capability just coming to market, I have a feeling this is a small niche crowd that would shop via their mobile device.

One thought on “Google AdWords Now Has Device Platform Setting

  1. Chad Walls - Adwords Manager

    I am confused by this option “iphones and other devices with full internet browsers”. Where do I choose the option to target WAP browser devices which is apparently the majority of mobile devices in use? Are WAP browsers becoming a thing of the past?

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