No Cash Register No Sale?

Exxon/Mobile Gasoline

I had to run some errands for work today and needed to stop for some gasoline. I pull up around the gas pump at a local Exxon/Mobile gas station and get ready to “fill ‘er up”. Typically I pay at the pump since I hardly ever need anything inside a convenience store, so I look at the screen on the pump and it says please pay inside. Arrgh, ok, no problem.

I walk up to the door to see a hand written sign that says “System is down. Registers too.”

Ok, I’ll go around the other side where I can see the attendant to see what’s up. He points at the sign.

I look back at him puzzled (the door is locked).

I pull my wallet out and flash some cash.

He shakes his head no.

No? No?!?! In this day and age of technology, we can no longer accept the almighty dollar bill in its original form? We’ve become so dependent on credit and computer driven register systems that we can’t accept a $20.00 bill? You’ve got to be kidding me. As I walked away, I felt bad for the guy as I heard some lady scream at him through the door. Lady, its not his fault. He’s probably under instructions from the proprietor to do what he did.

Anyway, my business went down the street to another, competing gas station station (where I did go in and buy a Coke, shame on me). I knew a lot of people can’t calculate change without a register, but actually take cash in hand? Come on now!

2 thoughts on “No Cash Register No Sale?

  1. Kyle

    That’s pretty funny. Do you think they’ll accept coconuts? Maybe fresh produce? You should be able to barter at that point – fair game.

    Funny thing about breaking change too. In Brain Age 2 there’s a training game called “Change Maker” that requires you to do exactly that – timed, as fast as you can. I dominate it :)

  2. Dan Pickett

    I love it when a cashier punches in a dollar amount and you realize you have the change (give or take a dime) and they get all messed up.

    The world is getting more and more reliant on technology – it’s just a shame that in some cases it replaces common cents (haha get the pun?)

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