Apparently I’m A Criminal

Bill Rowell robs two conveinence stores and has a drug problem. Oh yeah, and I’m a wedding DJ too. Alas, this really isn’t me. I’m not 49 and don’t live in Maine. And I’m in California right now, so robbing a store in Maine would be rather difficult.

One thought on “Apparently I’m A Criminal

  1. Caryn


    YOU POOR Individual!!! I happen to know the “MAINE” Bill Rowell and you are NOT him!! LOL!! FYI: He was an upstanding individual with a growing prosperous business until he got mixed up with drugs. It’s a horrible example of how drugs can RUIN A LIFE!! He “is” getting help!! HOPEFULLY you will NOT be confused with his identity in the future!! Your page DID make me chuckle, so I had to respond!! Have a nice day!

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