Movie Review: Borat

So I’m probably one of the last people on the planet to see Borat and probably the last (well, maybe not really) to review it. I’d have to say it was definitely worth the $5 I paid to see it (ok, my girlfriend paid, but I bought dinner!). Would it be worth the nearly $10 it’d cost to see it the first month it was out? Maybe…probably…ok, yeah!

Parts of it were definitely hilarious (why I find two naked guys wrestling funny is beyond me) and there are parts that I was just like, wtf is wrong with this guy. The people who are sueing him are stupid…you got what you deserved (stupid college guys…stupid even for drunk college guys).

The most interesting part of this movie to me anyway is how successfully he portrays different groups of Americans for who they really are. Do you think the church goers at the end of the movie will realize how ridiculous they appear? Or how about how stuck up the people at the dinner party are? And again the college guys on the road trip.

Somehow I doubt it…and that’s the sad part.

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